Bashball 3D MINIGAME
BashBall3D is one of the best entertaining & addictive arcade style battle games available for you to play today. You (Rocket Man) and your crew of 5 BashBalls ( TennisBall Tom ,BlueBall Bob ,BeachBall Barry, SoccerBall Simon & Fatso the Football ) must defend your turf from the ( T.T.G )Target Team Gang.

Each of the 5 BashBalls have there own unique powers and attacking methods which you must learn to use in order to attack the T.T.G in different ways.
In all levels you will have a limited number of BashBalls to launch at the T.T.G, so be careful and watch your ball count. To assist you in all attacking levels,when times get rough you have a secret member of your crew called (Rabz). He can jump in for you upon activation launching his toxic bunnies at the enemies freezing and gassing them in there position.

There are 5 Target Team Gang Members that make up the T.T.G , ( Nunchuka Larry, Tin Tin Turtle Man, Menendez The Monkey, Angry Ant & Lenz The Lion. )
There mission is to destroy all property they come across , take down anyone that gets in there way and steal all of your hard earned golden stars they can get there gloves on.

There are 34 joined adventurous levels that you will play which takes you on a wild chase across the planet with secret unlocks and bonus levels to complete before finishing the game.
Price:99 ¢